Where the magic happens

Our studio is based in Los Angeles, California.

We help our clients turn their ideas into clear, compelling visual communications

At SAWYER Agency, we guide our clients to success using our extensive knowledge of design, branding, and effective layout composition strategy. We are able to drive the creative direction and design from initial concept to final delivery; at SAWYER Agency, we help you define the strategy for your success.

We provide our clients with a competitive edge because we understand how to incorporate a common design concept through varying levels of marketing and promotional materials. SAWYER Agency has a firm grasp of design and how to implement it so that your campaign becomes identifiable but always delightfully surprising and fresh.

Our work has been featured in HOW magazine, and design books, including Design for Special Events: 500 of the Best Logos, Invitations and Graphics; Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type; and 1000 More Graphic Elements. 

Recently, we received a 2017 Gold MUSE Award from the MUSE International Creative Awards for our creative concept and design of a deconstructed version of a GRAMMY Award for an exhibit on John Billings, “the GRAMMY man”, who hand makes every GRAMMY awarded each year.

In 2015, we were awarded Premier Print Awards’ Best of Business and Annual Report category for our 2014 GRAMMY Museum Annual Report. In 2016, we followed up with an Award of Recognition for our 2015 GRAMMY Museum Annual Report, also from Premier Print Awards.