2012 GRAMMY Museum Annual Report

The GRAMMY Museum asked to create the museum’s first-ever annual report, showcasing its educational initiatives, exhibits, and other public programs while acknowledging its staff and supporters.

An annual report is intended to not only highlight the past year’s accomplishments, but to make the reader feel more connected and personally invested in the organization. For the GRAMMY Museum, the foundation of that connection is their community’s passion for sharing music and establishing tangible bonds with life-changing recordings.

When we considered our own life-changing musical experiences, we thought about the thrill of holding a newly purchased record in our hands: ripping off the plastic wrap, sliding it out of its sleeve, putting it on the turntable, and studying every inch of its cover as the new sounds washed over us. We wanted to give the GRAMMY Museum annual report that same feeling, so we decided to make it look and feel just like a vinyl record and sleeve.

We designed the report to the exact dimensions of a vinyl record insert booklet, and created a special UV-printed cover with semi-raised rings that replicated the tactile feel of a record’s grooves. The report was then packaged inside a die-cut sleeve with a cutout for the label in the center of the cover. The sleeve came plastic-wrapped just like a record, and we even added a mock price tag (with the date of the report) and a new release sticker to make it feel even more authentic.